Coron Shipwrecks

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The Okikawa Maru

The Okikawa Maru was a Japanese tanker, 168 m long.

Location: Busuanga Island, 2 miles south of Conception.

In length, width, and volume the largest of the Coron wrecks.

The deck is between 10m and 16m and is good for wreck dive beginners.

At this depth you may be able to make an hour-long dive.

If the Irako isn't the best wreck dive in the Philippines then the Okikawa Maru certainly is!

This wreck is totally covered with beautiful corals and offers a large variety of marine-life.

There are many penetration possibilities for advanced wreck divers including penetrating up the propeller shaft from the outside of the ship all the way into the engine room.

Strong tidal currents often affect this wreck. Diving in strong currents lets you see the most fish. At the bow you can see a school of snappers and huge bat fish holding position into a slight current. Large fish shelter out of the current behind crumpled metal and inside of the deckhouses.

Max depth: 26 meters on the bottom, 10 to 16 meters on the deck.

Recommended certification level:

  • Diving outside the deck without a current. Open Water Diver
  • Diving with a current. Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Diving with a strong current. Experienced Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Penetration dive. Wreck Diver Specialty

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