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Kogyo Maru

The Kogyo Maru, was a Japanese freighter carrying construction materials for building a runway for the Japanese war effort in the Pacific.

The Kogyo Maru was built in 1938 by Uraga Dock Co Ltd, Uraga, Japan for Okada Gumi KK. The ship was 6353 tons, 129 mts long, and 18 mts wide. She was powered by two oil fuelled steam turbines (517Nhp) geared to a single shaft. The engines were built by Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co Ltd, Tokyo. Her home port was Osaka.

Lying on her starboard side in 34 meters of water the Kogyo Maru offers swim throughs into all six holds and through the engine room and bridge area. Kogyo Maru's second hold contains an incline of cement bags which tumbled as the ship sank.

A small bulldozer draws your attention as you swim into the hold. Complete but encrusted, you can imagine the operator sitting in the seat and working the control levers to carve a runway out of a tropical island. Engrossed in the bulldozer you might fail to look up the incline of cement sacks and so miss the tractor and air compressor perched above it. Take the time to swim up and look at both pieces and see how many of the engine parts you can identify. It's complete. Check out the metal wheels on the tractor.

This dive is best when made while breathing 31% or 32% Nitrox for a 50% increase in allowable bottom time.

If you dive the Kogyo Maru with a 100 cubic foot tank of Nitrox 32 you have enough gas mixture and a long enough No Decompression Limit to cover the whole ship on one dive.

Max depth: 34 m, average 24-26m

Recommended certification level:

  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Wreck Diver Specialty

Kogyo Maru japanese wreck, coron, philippines

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