Coron Shipwrecks

dive the Ekkai Maru a ww2 japanese shipwreck with pirate divers coron busuanga dive centre

Ekkai Maru

The Ekkai Maru is a beautiful wreck dive site where you can observe groupers, sweetlips, occasionally turtles and sea snakes. Hard corals cover the port side, which is only 12 to 16 meters below the surface. Many scorpion fish hang out around the wreck area. Keep your eyes open and stay neutrally buoyant!

The big cargo rooms and the engine room allow easy penetration of this wreck for Wreck Diver Certified divers.

If you dive from 10am to 2pm on a sunny day you get a cathedral like effect from the beams of sunlight entering the cargo holds through the holes in the port side.

The two massive boilers in the centre of the ship are a big attraction on this dive. You can pass behind the boilers and see the damage resulting from one of the bomb strikes that disabled the ship.

It is possible to do a swim-through and pass from bow to stern without exiting the ship.

Max. depth: 25 meters, average about 15 meters

Recommended certification level:

  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Wreck Diver Specialty

Ekkai Maru japanese wreck, coron, philippines

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