Coron Fun Dives

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Coral Garden

Coral Garden is located some hundred meters north-west of Calis Point, which is the southern tip of Coron Island.

First you get to a beautiful coral garden and then you descent at the slope to 40m (131ft) or deeper.

The flat roof of the reef is covered with marvellous stony - and soft corals, among them big acropora table corals and some small gorgonians.

There are plenty of small fish at the reef, starfish of the linkia species (blue and grey) and sea anemones with clownfish. At the steep slope you may find additional table corals, some fire corals, hydrozoen, soft corals, gorgonian sea whips and many small gorgonians.

This area is protected, calm water next to the beautiful cliffs and coves at the southern end of Coron Island.

Visual Range up to 25m (82ft).

Recommended certification level:

  • Open Water Diver

Come and Dive the Coral Garden in Coron.