Welcome to our scuba dive shop, where our mission is to offer a remarkable experience through our high-quality, friendly, and safe services.

With a dedicated team of experienced instructors and divemasters, we ensure every diver feels confident and well-prepared for their underwater adventures. From beginner courses to advanced dive excursions, we prioritize safety without compromising on the thrill and joy of exploring the underwater world. Dive with us and embark on unforgettable aquatic journeys filled with awe-inspiring beauty and memorable encounters.

Our Location

Pirate Divers & Pirate Cafe are in Sitio Papalihan, Concepcion, Busuanga, 45 minutes away from either Coron Airport or the main Coron town. We are located in a quieter side of the island but closer to the wreck diving sites. Majority of the wrecks can be reached within a 5-40 minute boat ride from our shop, versus a 2-hour boat ride from the main town.

The shop can be found along the main highway, and features a stunning overlooking view of the bay. There is a separate equipment wash area, and toilets and an outdoor shower for guests’ use. A quick drive or walk down will take you to the compressor room and boat docking area. Motorcycle parking is available in front of the shop.

Walk-ins and non-divers are welcome to dine and enjoy the views! Pirate Cafe is open from 9:30AM to 7PM to serve refreshing drinks and comfort food such as pasta and paninis.

Our Team

Simon Mowbray

Manager of Pirate Divers Busuanga Simon started his underwater adventures at the tender age of 14, getting his Open Water certification in in Cornwall, England.

From then on, he worked his way up in the industry, becoming a dive professional in 2011.

However, the cold of the UK never spoke much to him, and a trip to the Philippines in 2013 convinced him to stay forever. He fell in love with his wife, MJ, shortly after cementing his stay, and they opened Pirate Diver Coron a year later. Starting a small operation in Conception village out of a grass shack, where they slowly and lovingly grew the dive store into what it is today – a 5-star PADI dive resort attached to the luxurious Busuanga Bay Lodge.

Outside of work, Simon spends time with his family. He has two beautiful children whom he wishes one day to become future dive shop owners.

Favorite ocean creature: Cuttlefish


Born in Mindoro and raised in Coron, MJ has accumulated years of experience in the tourism industry for as long as she can remember.

She met Simon at a village disco in 2014, and from the moment they got married, it was project after project, from dive center to family. With impeccable social skills and a keen eye for organization, MJ handles administration and paperwork that her other half falls short of handling.

She is Advanced Open Water certified but insists that she enjoys diving functions above the water rather than under it.

Favorite ocean creature: Lionfish


Dive shop secretary Michelle is often known as “the dive shop savior,” knowing exactly what needs to be done and how in order to keep everyone and everything afloat.

With extensive experience across several industries, from F&B to marketing and the tourism industry, Michelle knows how to mold and adapt to any situation.

Social and inviting, Michelle would be the first face you see at Pirate Divers Coron. Her energy exudes kindness and care as she meticulously takes care of guests, as well as all paperwork and procedures, to ensure a secure time for everybody.

Michelle loves reading and watching movies. In her free time, she is heavily involved in the community, volunteering and organizing nature-related events such as coastal cleanups and tree planting. There isn’t a person in the village who doesn’t know who Michelle is!

Favorite ocean creature: Grouper


If you think of the perfect blend of underwater professionalism and overwater humor, you’ve got Pirate Diver’s favorite Instructor, Toby.

Starting his instructor career in 2016, Toby has years of experience under his belt. He has not only trained under PADI, but also Scuba Diving International (SDI) and Technical Dive International. That makes for flawless and inclusive ways of teaching and technique.

As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor, he is qualified to teach a range of specialties. With 8 years of experience in Busuanga, more than 4000 dives (that’s approximately 130 days underwater) under his belt, and a natural-born fascination for history, the Wreck specialty has become one of his favorite courses to teach.

Favorite ocean creature: Pipefish


Divemaster Dyzon started his career in diving in 2016 with tank filling and equipment maintenance.

From there, he quickly found himself in the water, exploring the wrecks of Busuanga and guiding guests.

He joined Pirate Divers Coron in 2019 and has over 3000 dives in the wrecks alone. Dyzon knows the wrecks like the back of his, and you can find him zipping around the small rooms exploring the nooks and crannies of the giant metal structures.

Favorite ocean creature: Angelfish


A gentle giant and extremely strong divemaster Dexter started his diving career in equipment maintenance, compressor maintenance, gas blending and as boat crew.

His experience extends to working on pearl farms, where he would do four dives a day, maintaining and seeding oysters and collecting the precious gems.

He started diving the wrecks in 2018, giving him years of experience and as a dive guide has over 3000 dives. He has vast local knowledge of the area and his calm demeanor washes over quests, guaranteeing them a great time exploring the wrecks.

Favorite ocean creature: Trevally


Divemaster Flora went from zero to hero at Pirate Divers Coron. Starting in April 2023 as an Open Water diver,

she fell in love with the underwater world and decided that it was time for a career change, diving her way all the way to professional Divemaster.

With past international work experience in SE Asia and the Middle East, she has touched many industries, like F&B and tourism. She is adaptable and friendly, ready to help anyone who needs it.

With the energy of a Duracell bunny, she bounds around the dive center with great vibes. She has a keen eye for sea creatures and can spot even the smallest, most camouflaged underwater critter.

Favorite ocean creature: Juvenile sweetlips


Roy is Pirate Divers Coron’s longest-standing employee. He rarely ever rests and his hardworking, stoic and friendly nature makes him a delight to see at the dive center every day.

He is always happy to help load and unload the gear from the dive boats and you can find him scooting around town in his chariot, ready to pick up guests that need a transfer.

Favorite ocean creature: Jellyfish

María Lorena M
María Lorena M
Amazing PADI certification experience in Coron! My boyfriend and I got PADI certified with Pirate Divers in Coron. Coron is definitely one of the most special places to do Scuba: great visibility, healthy corals and shipwrecks. We absolutely loved the experience. The staff at the school are lovely and the instructors are very knowledgeable. Our instructor, Lukas, was fantastic. If you go to Coron and you are planning to dive, ask for Pirate Divers and and Lukas!
We love Lukas We did the open water diving with Lukas and it was super cool!!!! We love Lukas he is the best - very friendly and we saw a lot of cool fish
Awesome experience … with several hundred dives, these were some of best 19 dives every Busuanga Bay is an amazing dive destination. The Busuanga Bay Lodge is strategically located 5 minutes from one of the largest wrecks and no more tha 45 min boat ride to most every other dive. The Pirate Divers dive shop is great … accommodating both advanced, wreck and open water divers. Thee were a few stumbles (broken compressor, shortage of O2 for NITROX), but everyone did their best to solve the issues. Their diver masters are safety aware, very competent, but not overwhelming… shout out to flora who gave me 14 STUPENDOULY GREAT DIVES .. Never made it to Coron Town, because staying in BBL is so easy! 19 memorable dives in 6 days … even a night dive 👍👍👍 I will definitely come back
claudia c
claudia c
Wreck Specification course We completed the wreck course with Pirate Divers, Lucas was an awesome guide taking us exploring through the wrecks on some exciting routes, so much fun 🤙🏻
Tarrick N
Tarrick N
Epic diving with fantastic instructor Me and my girlfriend did the wreck course with Lucas and it was seriously epic. Lucas was a legend and made it one of the best trips ever!
Carlos F
Carlos F
Excellent diving experience It was a first diving experience for us and it was awesome. Lukas was the most amazing teacher, explaining everything for us with patience. He ensured that we understood each step perfectly and made the whole experience truly enjoyable. His detailed explanations and enthusiasm for diving made us feel both safe and excited about exploring underwater. It's rare to find an instructor who combines such expertise with great teaching skills, and Lukas definitely has both. Highly recommend for anyone looking to dive, whether you're a beginner or experienced!
Govind Puri
Govind Puri
The most friendly Pirates in Philippines My friend recommended me the Pirates and now I am forever thankful. So well organized, excellent from top to bottom. Amazing dive sites if you like wrecks. I had the opportunity to dive with Dexter who is a fantastic dive master and will show you Busuanga's hidden treasure. Michelle who is the desk manager will do everything she can to have the best possible diving experience organizing and picking which dive site you should visit.
Tom N
Tom N
10/10 gerne wieder! Super Erfahrung, super Laden und Tolle Tauchlehrer. Ich habe meinen Open Walter Diver mit Lukas und Lukas(Ranger) gemacht. Beide Sprechen deutsch. Perfekt für mich. Lukas hat alles entspannt erklärt, verdeutlicht und seine Erfahrung mit ins Spiel gebracht. Man merkt das es nicht nur sein Beruf ist. Auch Ranger war voll dabei. Beide super Lehrer. Die Kurse waren zum Glück sehr klein und man hatte quasi eine 1zu1 Betreuung. Ebenfalls das Restliche personal, wie die Büro Dame und die Herren vom Boot waren super freundlich und Hilfsbereit. Alles in allem ein Super Team. Sehr Familiär und Professionell. Kleine negative Dinge findet man immer. Allerdings habe ich hier nichts was die Bewertung negativ beeinflusst. Ich bin absolut zufrieden und hoffe ich kann weitere Kurse besuchen.
Pascal Moritz
Pascal Moritz
Einfach nur Sensationell Ich hatte dass Vergnügen mit Lukas zu Tauchen..Ein Deutscher Divemaster,welcher mir von Anfang an ,in aller Ruhe,alle Skills beigebracht hat und ich somit den PADI Open Water erfolgreich bestanden habe...Ich kann ,Lukas nur weiterempfehlen..
The coolest dive boat and the most professional diving day tour! I had an excellent day's diving with great service from Divemaster Tom, Captain (& cook!) Oliver and the rest of the friendly crew. I was booked in for 3 fun dives (2 wrecks & 1 reef) plus a refresher dive as it was 2+ years since my last one. For the refresher dive, I expected the typical cursory rush through getting into the water and a quick buoyancy check. But as we headed to the first site, Tom took us through a complete review of all our equipment, setting it up to dive. When we arrived we got in the water next to the beach and our small group all had to demonstrate that we could successfully do the basic drills (including regulator purging, regulator recovery, mask clearing and fin pivot). This was the perfect reminder and preparation to enable us to go straight to our first dive on a nearby shallow wreck. Tom's instructions and patience above and below the water were exemplary and made the first dive effortless and immediately enjoyable so I could get the most out of this chance to dive a wreck. We did a 2nd, more advanced wreck dive and Tom led us expertly inside the hold and along the bridge of the impressive Morazan Maru cargo/passenger ship. What an incredible experience! We surfaced and feasted on an incredible lunch of freshly prepared dishes of fish, chicken, squidballs, vegetables and rice. Thanks again to Oliver and Buddy for theor hard work preparing this! We finished with a nice reef dive and headed back to Coron by about 5pm, where a motortrike was waiting to deliver us back to the dive shop, which was a few metres from my hotel. By the way, my wife also enjoyed some great snorkelling while we dove and saw turtles, Titan Triggerfish and juvenile Batfish from the surface! So this is also a great day out for your partner if they don't dive, or as was the case with my wife, was unable to dive due to recent nasty flu and congestion. So, hopefully my wife and I can return to the Philippines in the future, in which case we will definitely go with Pirate Divers!