Welcome to our scuba dive shop, where our mission is to offer a remarkable experience through our high-quality, friendly, and safe services.

With a dedicated team of experienced instructors and divemasters, we ensure every diver feels confident and well-prepared for their underwater adventures. From beginner courses to advanced dive excursions, we prioritize safety without compromising on the thrill and joy of exploring the underwater world. Dive with us and embark on unforgettable aquatic journeys filled with awe-inspiring beauty and memorable encounters.

Our Team

Simon Mowbray

Manager of Pirate Divers Busuanga Simon started his underwater adventures at the tender age of 14, getting his Open Water certification in in Cornwall, England.

From then on, he worked his way up in the industry, becoming a dive professional in 2011.

However, the cold of the UK never spoke much to him, and a trip to the Philippines in 2013 convinced him to stay forever. He fell in love with his wife, MJ, shortly after cementing his stay, and they opened Pirate Diver Coron a year later. Starting a small operation in Conception village out of a grass shack, where they slowly and lovingly grew the dive store into what it is today – a 5-star PADI dive resort attached to the luxurious Busuanga Bay Lodge.

Outside of work, Simon spends time with his family. He has two beautiful children whom he wishes one day to become future dive shop owners.

Favorite ocean creature: Cuttlefish


Born in Mindoro and raised in Coron, MJ has accumulated years of experience in the tourism industry for as long as she can remember.

She met Simon at a village disco in 2014, and from the moment they got married, it was project after project, from dive center to family. With impeccable social skills and a keen eye for organization, MJ handles administration and paperwork that her other half falls short of handling.

She is Advanced Open Water certified but insists that she enjoys diving functions above the water rather than under it.

Favorite ocean creature: Lionfish


Dive shop secretary Michelle is often known as “the dive shop savior,” knowing exactly what needs to be done and how in order to keep everyone and everything afloat.

With extensive experience across several industries, from F&B to marketing and the tourism industry, Michelle knows how to mold and adapt to any situation.

Social and inviting, Michelle would be the first face you see at Pirate Divers Coron. Her energy exudes kindness and care as she meticulously takes care of guests, as well as all paperwork and procedures, to ensure a secure time for everybody.

Michelle loves reading and watching movies. In her free time, she is heavily involved in the community, volunteering and organizing nature-related events such as coastal cleanups and tree planting. There isn’t a person in the village who doesn’t know who Michelle is!

Favorite ocean creature: Grouper


If you think of the perfect blend of underwater professionalism and overwater humor, you’ve got Pirate Diver’s favorite Instructor, Toby.

Starting his instructor career in 2016, Toby has years of experience under his belt. He has not only trained under PADI, but also Scuba Diving International (SDI) and Technical Dive International. That makes for flawless and inclusive ways of teaching and technique.

As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor, he is qualified to teach a range of specialties. With 8 years of experience in Busuanga, more than 4000 dives (that’s approximately 130 days underwater) under his belt, and a natural-born fascination for history, the Wreck specialty has become one of his favorite courses to teach.

Favorite ocean creature: Pipefish


Divemaster Dyzon started his career in diving in 2016 with tank filling and equipment maintenance.

From there, he quickly found himself in the water, exploring the wrecks of Busuanga and guiding guests.

He joined Pirate Divers Coron in 2019 and has over 3000 dives in the wrecks alone. Dyzon knows the wrecks like the back of his, and you can find him zipping around the small rooms exploring the nooks and crannies of the giant metal structures.

Favorite ocean creature: Angelfish


A gentle giant and extremely strong divemaster Dexter started his diving career in equipment maintenance, compressor maintenance, gas blending and as boat crew.

His experience extends to working on pearl farms, where he would do four dives a day, maintaining and seeding oysters and collecting the precious gems.

He started diving the wrecks in 2018, giving him years of experience and as a dive guide has over 3000 dives. He has vast local knowledge of the area and his calm demeanor washes over quests, guaranteeing them a great time exploring the wrecks.

Favorite ocean creature: Trevally


Divemaster Flora went from zero to hero at Pirate Divers Coron. Starting in April 2023 as an Open Water diver,

she fell in love with the underwater world and decided that it was time for a career change, diving her way all the way to professional Divemaster.

With past international work experience in SE Asia and the Middle East, she has touched many industries, like F&B and tourism. She is adaptable and friendly, ready to help anyone who needs it.

With the energy of a Duracell bunny, she bounds around the dive center with great vibes. She has a keen eye for sea creatures and can spot even the smallest, most camouflaged underwater critter.

Favorite ocean creature: Juvenile sweetlips


Roy is Pirate Divers Coron’s longest-standing employee. He rarely ever rests and his hardworking, stoic and friendly nature makes him a delight to see at the dive center every day.

He is always happy to help load and unload the gear from the dive boats and you can find him scooting around town in his chariot, ready to pick up guests that need a transfer.

Favorite ocean creature: Jellyfish

James P
James P
Belle journée Bon accueil très sympathique, bon bateau bon personnel, bon moniteur :Dyson, bons accompagnants trois belles plongées, une épave, puis le Okinawa Naru et un récif. La responsable du club m’a bien aidé bien renseigné aussi.
Miquel B
Miquel B
Best dive option out of Coron Town Really good dive experience outside of Coron Town crowds! The center is in front of the best wrecks so you avoid the hour and a half boat ride from town and the amount of divers crowd while diving! TOBY is the number one! I am AOW and my girl is OW and he did the best to adapt the dive to both of us enjoy together! Highly recommended!!!
Great diving school Simon and his crew are really fantastic! Friendly, they know what they do, good equipment.They are located close to the best diving spots in the Philippines. Especially if you want to go wreck diving. This is the place to be.They know every inch of the many wrecks in the bay.
Excellent Had a great time getting my PADI here.Amazing diving locations with beautiful creatures big and small.
Anisha L
Anisha L
Boutique experience with the best dive school What an amazing experience. I would recommend Pirate Divers to anyone visiting Coron! Simon helped in the pre-trip organisation on where to stay, booked transport, it was all so easy. The dive shop is not in Coron town and that is the best decision we have made. We did 3 shipwrecks during the day and the staff and organisation was super! JJ, our dive instructor was very knowledgeable. I really appreciated the small group of people (max 4 per instructor) and it felt like I was diving with a boutique dive school rather than diving with the masses. It made the experience so much better. I would definitely visit Coron again and dive with Pirate Divers.
Awesome wreck diving shop in Busuanga! I've thoroughly enjoyed diving with the team at Pirate Divers - they are very professional, look after their equipment and make sure to tailor the dives to the group's ability. Our dive group was always small, and our guide provided an excellent in-depth briefing before the dive. They regularly checked in everyone thoughtout the dive too and I always felt very safe.The wreck and coral garden dives are really outstanding, there is so much marine life and so many features to look at! It was very convenient to book and ask questions using WhatsApp, the team was very responsive and very accommodating.Highly recommended!
Alexander Ö
Alexander Ö
Amazing wreckdiving Fantastic wreckdiving! Simon and the crew were amazing and took fantastic care of us. Very professional. Dives were amazing with deep wreck penetration, lots of beautiful fish and corals and even a big turtle!
Friendly and helpful Did 9 dives in 3 days and had a blast. The wrecks in Coron were some of the coolest dives we’ve ever done. Simon was quick to answer all of our questions on WhatsApp and it was super easy to get everything set up. The dive boat was quite spacious and very comfortable. Our guide (Jayson) was great and the guys on the boat were fantastic. If we get another chance to come to Coron, we will use Pirate Divers again!
Fun and highly recommended We (1 adult, 2 teenagers) had a great experience with Simon and Toby. The kids did the PADI open water course and I just did the dives for fun. The instructors were very patient and did a great job reassuring the kids during their open water training. The equipment was excellent and safety standards were high. Simon and Toby were also a lot of fun to be around, they made the whole experience fun and enjoyable. We saw some nice ship wrecks, reeds, a turtle, and many types of fish. Highly recommended.
Mica H
Mica H
Good trip The Aow teaching is quite helpful and the wreck view is attractive:) hope to visit it again soon hahah