The shimmering waters of Coron Bay hold secrets of a bygone era – shipwrecks resting silently beneath the surface, teeming with marine life and whispering tales of the past. For seasoned divers, wreck diving is a portal to history and adventure. But for beginners, it can be an intimidating prospect. Breathe easy, explorers! Pirate Divers Busuanga Coron is here to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate these underwater marvels.


1. Chart Your Course with Proper Training

Before plunging into the unknown, ensure you’re prepared. Consider signing up for a PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Course. This program will equip you with essential skills like:

Buoyancy Control: Wrecks are fragile ecosystems. Mastering your buoyancy prevents accidental damage and ensures the safety of yourself and the diverse marine life.

Navigation: Wrecks can be disorienting. Learn proper techniques for using a compass and dive reel to stay on track and avoid getting lost.

Emergency Procedures: Wrecks have unique hazards like entanglement and overhead environments. Be prepared to handle these situations calmly and effectively.

Listen carefully to the dive briefing before every dive, and discuss with your group if you feel uncomfortable or prefer to take a different route so that the dive guide can tailor the dive plan.

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2. Gear Up for the Underwater Adventure

Wreck diving demands reliable equipment:

Primary and Secondary Lights: Even the sunniest day struggles to penetrate deep wrecks. A primary light illuminates your path, while a secondary light provides backup in case of failure.

Gloves: Wrecks can be rough and rusty. Protect your hands with sturdy gloves, especially when exploring tight spaces.

Dive Knife or Shears: These tools can help you cut free from entanglement in lines or netting.

Streamlined Fins: Frog kicks or flutter kicks minimize fin strokes, reducing the risk of stirring up silt and obscuring visibility.

While gloves and a dive knife are useful, they are not required for diving the shipwrecks in Coron.


3. Respect the Wreck, Dive Responsibly

Wreck diving isn’t just about exploration; it’s about preservation. Wrecks are historical artifacts and fragile marine habitats. Here’s how to be a responsible diver:

Dive within Your Comfort Zone: Stick to shallower wrecks and open areas before venturing into penetrations. Don’t push your limits or exceed your training.

Observe, Don’t Touch: Wrecks are easily damaged. Admire them from a distance and avoid disturbing delicate structures or marine life.

Maintain Neutral Buoyancy: Control your movements to avoid kicking up silt and impacting visibility for yourself and others.

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4. Buddy Up and Dive with the Best

Wrecks can be disorienting and have limited exits. Diving with a responsible buddy is crucial for safety and enjoyment:

Choose a Reliable Buddy: Dive with someone you trust and who has similar experience levels.

Stay Close: Maintain visual contact with your buddy throughout the dive, especially within the wreck.

Communicate Clearly: Use hand signals and underwater communication devices to stay informed and coordinate your movements.

5. Embark on Your Wreck Diving Journey with Pirate Divers

At Pirate Divers Busuanga Coron, we’re passionate about sharing the wonders of wreck diving. We offer:

Guided Wreck Dives for All Levels: Explore iconic wrecks like the Akitsushima, Irako, and Okikawa Maru with experienced and certified guides.

Quality Equipment Rental: Ensure you have everything you need for a safe and comfortable dive.

Small Group Diving: Enjoy personalized attention and a relaxed atmosphere for your first wreck diving experience.

Bonus Tip: Capture the memories! Invest in an underwater camera or GoPro (or rent ours at the dive shop) to immortalize your wreck diving adventures. Share your underwater discoveries with the world and inspire others to join the adventure!


Wreck diving can be an unforgettable experience, offering a glimpse into history and a thriving underwater world. By following these tips and choosing Pirate Divers Busuanga Coron as your guide, you can embark on your wreck diving journey with confidence and excitement.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to book your wreck diving adventure!

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